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 First steps on the forum

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MessageSujet: First steps on the forum    21.11.11 12:06

version française ici :

Hello to all of us,

First of all, this tutorial goal is here to explain to you how we works; When you arrive somewhere, the first think you do is saying hello. So you will have to present yourself Please be original while writing it. Writing in english in the forum is possible by adding a [IN ENGLISH] tag at the beginning of your post title or by answering to a post with this tag in the beginning of its title. If a post have been written by another person in french, thanks not to anwer in english. As well, we have asked to non english speaking persons not to answer in french in [IN ENGLISH] messages.

All forum rules are written down there (sorry it's in french) :

Some parts of the forum are restricted access area. Here are the explainations :

- Writing on the forum : automatic unlock by creating a presentation topic. If your presentation is too short, your acess should be rlocked by an administrator. It will be unlocked after adding informations in your presentation topic

- Helping list : you need to sign up. contact an administrator to do that. More informations here :

- Sell / Buy : Acces granted by an administrator until 10 messages. Specifics rules :

- Tutorials / Guides : Acces granted by an administrator until 50 messages. Specifics rules :

To create a presentation topic follow this steps :

click on "Présentation des nouveaux membres"

Then on "Nouveau"

Fill in the fields and then click on "Envoyer"

Presentation done. An administrator will proceed so to your account unlocking action. Please be patient

les-relieur a écrit:
how can I add the pictures?

It's quite simple :
First of all click on the button with floppy disk and picture on it

Then click on "Browse"

in the opened box, select the picture who want to share then click on its link and on "Open" :

Then select either 640 pixels or let 800 pixels if you really need to show a big photo with important details, then click on "Host it" :

Then you see three lines : first one is the thumbnail, copy the second line (third one is a link for image direct access) :

Paste the link in the text box by making a right click. If the servimg box is quite annoying, you can close it by clicking on the picture with floppy on it:

Image is send. Repeat steps if needes, add text if you want then click on "submit" :

Colors name are a sign :

- Green : not unlocked account

- Grey : unlocked member

- Blue : Moderator. They are here to help you in you message troubles.

- Red : Administrators. For all technical issues

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MessageSujet: Re: First steps on the forum    03.08.13 9:01

Another usefull information : FTH members have made a before-bying-guide (written in french and not translated yet). You can find it here :
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First steps on the forum
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